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Before it was considered a sport or a recreational activity, mankind has devised several weapons for hunting and gathering in order to meet their basic needs, way before the time of going to the grocery to buy food, mankind has created a flexible arc made of wood, where either ends of the arc are met with a flexible string which are used to shoot wooden projectiles called “arrows”. The ability to shoot arrows with a bow unto a target is then referred to as “archery”.

Asides from the spear, the bow and arrow is one of several weapons developed by prehistoric man in order to survive in their surrounding environment. Several cultures around the world have utilized this weapon one way or another, where groups of ancient civilizations have utilized bows and arrows during battles and wars which are then depicted in several pieces of art and mythology.

Following the development of civilizations and society as a whole, the gathering of food and weapons for defense has since evolved into different mediums, where food is now cultivated or processed by industrial means and the development of firearms have since resulted in the decline of using bows and arrows as strategic weapons in battle. While some indigenous cultures still utilize such “primitive” techniques, it’s safe to say that archery has then evolved from a basic survival skill into a modern sport or recreation. In sport, the ultimate goal of archery is to shoot their arrow unto a specific target (usually a bull’s eye) where precision relevant to distance in yards is a defining factor in assessing one’s skill. Several archery competitions have several categories utilizing different distances, where an athlete is then awarded points based on their accuracy in accordance with the distance category they are competing in.

After a surge of popularity where several forms of media entertainment have depicted archery as an admirable skill, where films such as the Hunger Games, the Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood, and the Avengers depict characters who are skilled in archery, an influx of young aspiring archers are now training in certain centers and are taking various courses offered. Archery has since then been offered as a recreational activity in certain sports facilities and even schools, whereas competitive modern archery has slowly gained popularity over the years.

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