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Making an Effective Sales Document has much to do with your ability not just to sell but how well you’re able to write your sales pitch on. The internet has presented more opportunities for selling and this has made a lot of enterprising entrepreneurs seize the moment to make a lot of money. However, how your written sales effort gives you positive response from consumers depends on how well you write your sales promotion.

Promoting your products and services is not confined to broadcast and traditional print media anymore. Nowadays, you can share your advertisement even in social media where you reach a broader audience not just in your locality, but all over the world. This has presented tremendous opportunities for those who are looking to broaden their sales outside the confines of their own locality or region. If you’re one entrepreneur capable of distributing your products on an international level, then you’ll have more opportunity now more than ever at any time and at any generation than previous proprietors. Online sales have increased over the years and have even overtaken traditional department stores and retailers. This does not mean, however, that what you put up on sale online will automatically translate to massive sales and revenue. The way you write your sales pitch and description of your products have as much to do with your promotion than anything else. Here are a few tips for an effectively written sales document:

  • Write Shorter Sentences and Paragraphs. An effective selling approach is to make your descriptions intended for easy reading. Stick to the basics because you’re not writing a book. You’re selling.

  • Keep Your Sales Pitch Short and Simple. Keep your paragraphs short and your product description to not more than two sentences. The goal here is to attract buyers enough to the point that they become intrigued into buying it. You don’t need to reveal more than what you intend in order to make an effective sale.

  • Keep Your Fonts Easy On the Eyes. Limit your font to two different fonts for every document. It’s better to use Serif or San Serif than unusual looking fonts that are Cursive or Gothic. Unless you’re selling medieval stuff, those kinds of fonts won’t do at all.

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