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Being a member of the Christian community requires a person to be baptized as a sign that he or she has become a full-fledged Christian who must practice and follow the rules of the Church depending on the denomination. Especially for Catholics, it’s an important sacrament which affirms the person is fully embraced by the church. For most, it’s an important occasion to celebrate as a milestone to one’s life and spiritual journey.

Before a Christian fully becomes a member of the church, he must undergo a spiritual and symbolic immersion of water commemorating the time Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river by St. John the Baptist. This practice has been ongoing for thousands of years, an age-old tradition practiced by Christians as old as the Hindu practice of bathing in the Ganges river or the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. Since every major religion has a form of ritual of cleansing and affirming the faith, we at Best Templates  recognize the value and importance of such occasions. We present our collection of Baptism certificate templates that can be used by any denominations besides the Roman Catholic Church. Whatever congregation you belong to, this can be used and issued to children or grown individuals recently welcomed into your congregation’s fold. These templates come in customizable layout files that are so affordable, anyone can purchase them and save thousands of dollars from having them printed in professional printing companies where the quality is either the same or way lower than our templates. Besides that, you don’t have to hire a professional designer which is too costly just to interpret your designs while being paid by the hour.

Here at Best Templates, when you purchase your baptism certificate template, you get to be your own designer who can choose your own designs and color that’s appropriate for your church’s theme. That’s because our templates are fully customizable and editable and even print-ready. This means you’ll save thousands of dollars with just one purchase of any of our baptism templates which you can reproduce as often as you like by printing hundreds of ready-made copies. There’s no need to run to a designer or have them printed on a printing company anymore. Besides saving money, the revenues you earn from baptism can be put to better use like renovating your church or embarking on your congregation's charitable programs that require much-needed funds. No need to worry about how your congregation will earn its money and no need to ask for additional donations just for the church to survive!

Our baptism certificate templates are designed by our select group of artists and illustrators who are given strict instructions to design our templates to precise technical standards. Besides the help of technology, our templates have hand-made designs to get that personal touch and without relying too much on standard tools of technology. This way, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our templates that come not only with one of the best designs online, but are also made of premium quality high definition designs and colors with the highest pixel resolution possible.

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