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Most students, particularly in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries, need to undergo an educational attainment qualification standard in order to proceed and obtain a Higher School Certificate. While most academic institutions have long replaced this kind of system, School Certification is still an important part of academic learning and qualification. At Best Templates, we have School Certificate Templates that schools can choose from which the institution can use to Print, Share, or Distribute to deserving students.

Most commonly-practiced school certificate programs are required for students who reach 16 years old. That age bracket is the right time for those who have to pass a couple of subjects in order to proceed to the next step for higher learning. Examinations are usually held for subjects that include Math, Science and English. Depending on a student’s performance, standard grading may be any of the following: Pass, Fail, Credit, or Distinction. Any of the three except fail may give the student a chance to proceed to the next level. At least six passes must be obtained before the student can obtain the School Certificate and gain an eligibility for a university education. This lengthy and tedious process is necessary to ensure only the best and most able students are able to tackle the demands of higher educational requirements. Those who fail the certification exams, however, still have a chance of re-taking the examinations again, depending on the rules and requirements of each institution.

Best Templates gives the best option to schools and learning institutions who need to have Readily-Accessible, Easily-Printed, and Ready-Made Affordable School Certificate Templates that are immediately available upon purchase. We offer Professionally-Drafted, Well-Researched, Industry-Compliant templates Specifically Created for the needs of every industry. These are Styled and Formatted Individually to fit most standards. Our templates even have Suggested Titles and Text Placeholders for Ease of use and Presentation. This means you can Add, Edit, Change, and Customize as you please in your favorite app or by using most commonly-used application softwares such as Word and Photoshop. All our templates include Customizable Layout Files that are Carefully Selected and Produced to Precise Technical Standards by our group of writers and production specialists with many years of business, educational, and commercial print and digital production experience. Our templates are produced in complete business sets that provide many businesses with all of the content they need to produce professional quality templates. This is because our absolute vision has always been to provide each customer with the most convenient and affordable access to the highest quality template design resources possible.

Our templates can be Fully Customized by inserting text, changing fonts, size and style of text, including adding pictures and logos or editing pictures, clip art and drawing objects. Stock photos may also be included between templates, removed or replaced with the user's own choice of images including the school logo and other added graphics unique to the institution. Our color combinations come in High Definition, 300 dpi Resolution CMYK or RGB color modes for Stunning Color combinations. At Best Templates, we offer full value at very reasonable prices.

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